Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 151-170: Movies, Movies, Movies!

I'm exercising my right to lump multiple items into a single post. Do you REALLY want to see individual photos of bad movies? Hopefully not. Plus we need to catch up. Plus, as bad as these movies are, it was hard to part with them. What if we suddenly get the urge to re-watch Dude, Where's My Car? What then?

Here's the box o' cinematic masterpieces:

And the contents:

  • MISS CONGENIALITY: I love Sandra Bullock, but this is on cable like 27 times a week.
  • MATCH POINT: Didn't even watch it.
  • THE WHOLE NINE YARDS: I really like movies like this.
  • THE WHOLE TEN YARDS: Enough to buy the crappy sequels!
  • THE CODE? or maybe it's called CODE 51?: Didn't even watch it.
  • FREE TIBET: Some concert thing. Never watched this one either.
  • three workout DVDs (as if!)
  • SCREAM 2: Can't watch this without sleeping with the lights on for a year afterwards
  • TWO WEEKS NOTICE: Hugh Grant is delightful!
  • DUDE WHERE'S MY CAR: This is not a terrible movie.
  • HIGH FIDELITY: The book is better. And I rarely say that! Except...
  • WHERE THE HEART IS: The book is better.
  • ALI G INDAHOUSE: Unwatchable. And I love Ali G!
  • DOGMA: One of my faves. Bought it on DVD. Frequent quote around our house is, "What are you going to do, hit me with a fish?"
  • CAST AWAY: Never even unwrapped this because I caught it on cable.
  • RUSH HOUR 2: Super funny. But only once.
  • DETROIT ROCK CITY: I don't remember anything about this movie except Eddie Furlong. And I barely even remember him.

DESTINATION: The DVD's went to Tunes (and netted a whopping $4), the VHS's went to Goodwill.

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