Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 215: Cassettes

We have a chest of drawers that holds all of our CDs. (Yes, we still listen to CDs -- sometimes I don't feel like flipping through 800 iPod menus to find the Incubus CD I feel like hearing.) (And sometimes someone decides to delete all my Ryan Adams albums off the iPod.)

Anyway. The bottom drawer has cassettes. My boys like this drawer a lot, because they can open the case and hurl the cassette across the living room, and it makes a loud noise. I think that's their top criteria for any plaything -- its noise level when hitting the floor.

The other day, as I was cleaning up the cassettes for the zillionth time, I realized -- why do we have cassettes, anyway? What's even in this drawer? I kept a few (Aerosmith, a few mix tapes, the Chess soundtrack) but most of them were pretty dispensable. The Murmurs? Tripping Daisy? Martika's second album? Jeez.

DESTINATION: Goodwill. They'll probably throw them away, let's be real.

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