Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day 101: Headwear

You've probably noticed by now that my closet is like an endless abyss of unworn clothing and accessories. This isn't even the last of it. I had to break it down into category, mainly to make it semi-fair to myself since I'm dumping about 300 things at once. Don't want to hijack the blog, but dang, I want to give myself some credit :)

If you know me (which you probably do...who reads this?) you know that my hair is my achilles heel. It doesn't cooperate. Sections of it are straight, sections are curly. It frizzes in hard water and falls flat in soft water. It doesn't hold a curl -- even the curly sections suddenly rebel against the curling iron. After an hour, any "updo" looks more like a "lazy-day ponytail." I could go on and on. But suffice to say that none of these hair accessories achieved their maximum cuteness potential when worn by me. Very few accessories do. I'm basically down to one headband and one hibiscus clip.

Notice the jaunty headscarf -- who am I, J-Lo? In 2002?

DESTINATION: Hand-me-down bag.

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