Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 90: Maternity Clothes

I hope that getting rid of your maternity clothes isn't like forgetting to pack your umbrella :) I think I'm done with these. If you've never been pregnant, you can't fully comprehend the level of hatred you have for your maternity clothes after nine months. If you're like me (and pretty much everyone I know), you buy about 10 articles of jersey-knit crap for $10 apiece at Old Navy, then wear them on constant rotation for about 180 days straight. (Yes. I know that's not the full gestation. I'm not including those first few weeks where you can wear normal clothes because you're not a woolly mammoth yet.) Then, if you're me, you repeat the process six months later.

I offered these to my preggo friend Jamie who politely declined, informed me that she was planning a bonfire for her own maternity clothes this summer, and invited me to join. Tempting. But, throwing them in the goodwill bin is just as cathartic, and faster. And a few of these things are still cute (if you haven't worn them daily for the past two years).


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