Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 104: Bags

I hoard purses because I'm convinced there will someday be an occasion that calls for a specific type of purse, and I will be prepared, and I will feel vindicated! But the truth of the matter is, I use my diaper bag as a purse (it's cute, really) and by now, it's so well-stocked that switching purses would be about as easy as moving to another state.

I kept the messenger bag because it would be a totally useful tote on a vacation...if I didn't already have another messenger bag, a diaper tote, and two oversized handbags.

The beach tote would be perfect for short trips to the beach if a) I didn't already own two beach totes I like better, and b) I ever went to the beach without lugging two bottles of sunscreen, three towels, a baby tent, snacks, a giant water bottle, and a few magazines.

So, it's time to let them both go.

DESTINATION: Hand-me-downs.

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