Friday, April 8, 2011

Days 91-98: Clothing Purge!

I was reading Rolf Potts' post about traveling around the world with no luggage, and it got me thinking -- when I go on vacation, I tend to pack my absolute favorite pieces and leave all the filler at home. And since we do laundry (okay, George does laundry) a few times a week, do I really need more clothes than I'd pack for a two-week trip?

Well, yes and no. I definitely didn't pare my closet down to 14 items -- not by any stretch of the imagination. But I kept that theory in mind as I was cleaning out my closet and dresser, which helped me be a little merciless in my purging.

This was a weeklong project, one drawer or section of closet each day (I follow the Get Organized Wizard on Facebook, and one of her big things is breaking big cleaning projects into small bursts). But rather than bore you with eight different posts, I'm just compiling the project into one big post. I'm allowed -- that's in the rules.

Day 91, I went through my swimsuit drawer and got rid of a star-studded string bikini that I have no business wearing, and a velvet-lined suit from 2001 that has held up so well that I got bored of it before it wore out.

Day 92, my sock drawer. In high school, my style could best be described as "poser-goth." (Assuming real goths don't listen to the Spice Girls. I'm right about that, right?) I was also waaaaay into the Courtney Love kinderwhore look. It took awhile to stop getting sucked in by striped stockings and argyle knee-highs, but I think I can safely ditch them now.

Day 93, shorts. I just have too many, and these are the least flattering.

Day 94, skirts. I wear skirts approximately...never. I pared my whole skirt collection down to three and got rid of the rest. Including a pinstriped pencil skirt I owned, as if my chosen career ever calls for that sort of thing.

Day 95, dresses. I love the paisley dress on top, but I bought it when I had baby weight to spare, and I'm no longer the zaftig mama I used to be. That's a good thing. But I'll miss this dress.

Day 96, pajamarama. I had two overflowing drawers of pajamas. Now I have two tidy drawers of pajamas. Still too many, but not outrageous. And the socks on top are comfy, but I fall down when I wear them.

Day 97, shirts. Some I wore too often and got bored with, some don't fit quite right, some were a bad idea in the first place, some I just don't like as much as other stuff I own.

Day 98, sweaters. Every winter I'm like, "I'm going to buy a sweater! I'll be warm, and I won't hate winter anymore!" But the detail I always forget is that I hate sweaters. Yes, I'm warm, but I'm so itchy that I want to rip the sweater and my skin off. It's time to accept that wool will never be in my repertoire.

...and that's it! That's how I spent my week. There may come a day when I regret not counting all 100-ish pieces of clothing individually towards our 365, but oh well. It's nice to have some room in my closet, and it makes getting dressed a little bit easier. I'll probably do a "round two" later in the year.

DESTINATION: My nieces. They give my clothes a second chance, and whenever I see them wearing one of my old pieces, I think, "See? I knew that shirt was cute! I knew there was a reason I bought it in the first place!"

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