Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 125-127: Canon Rebel XT and Accessories

This was my first DSLR -- George bought it for me for Christmas 2005 to encourage me to become a "for real" wedding photographer. (I should put that on my business card.) Eventually I outgrew it, upgraded my main camera, and made this my backup. Then I upgraded again, and while "a backup to my backup" is a nice cliche, it's not something I actually need.

I also sold the battery grip (the big black thing on the bottom that lets me go eight hours without changing my battery) and the charger. I'm counting it as three days because it's a biggie, plus I make the rules :)

DESTINATION: Kansas, by way of eBay. This started the fund for a new body and lens. Wait a few posts and you'll see where I really went crazy.

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