Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 105: Belts (and we're baaaaack!)

Okay, so I completely slacked on blog updates. I was kind of under the impression that we were only entertaining ourselves, and maybe two or three random family members, so I was just dumping my memory cards into a folder and ignoring them in the hopes that maybe they would resize and post themselves. No such luck. Three people asked about the blog this week though, which made me nerdily happy. Thanks for actually reading this so it's not, like, my diary.

(I don't have a diary.)

Anyway. Back when I did the clothing purge, I also got rid of a ton of belts! I kept two braided leather belts, and here are the rest.

Please note that I could have counted this as six days' worth of stuff and been that much closer to catching up! But I won't. Do I earn some blogger karma or something?

DESTINATION: Hand-me-down bag.

1 comment:

  1. I didn't want to pass down the starfish belt. But I've outgrown it. Literally. I am too fat for that awesome belt. If I lose 15 pounds, I'll sneak into my niece's closet under the cover of night and steal it back.