Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scrambling to catch up...

Okay, so the work-life balance has been nonexistent this month, and the blog has fallen way behind. Just added about 12 more posts, but today is really day 172, so clearly we still have some catching up to do...but we'll finish taking pictures and uploading new posts and eventually get back on track! For real!

Day 146: BMW Emblem

In 1999, George bought an old BMW, drove like a total jerkface for about two weeks, and then crashed it headfirst into a tree. I don't miss that car. He kept the emblem to remind him to always put collision coverage on a car before driving it headfirst into a tree.

We wanted to upload a photo of the wrecked Beemer, but we can't find it on our hard drive, so instead, here's a photo of George breakdancing.


Day 145: Baby Jumpers

These are adorable, and barely worn. Our big ol' babies outgrew them too fast!

DESTINATION: Baby Brady, our new homeboy up north.

Day 144: The Pen Is Mightier

We have a slight problem with pens. We just can't bring ourselves to get rid of them. Even when they stop working, we're like, "But in an emergency, we could just etch our message onto the paper..." But we finally cleaned house.

I am so tempted to count this as 30 things and get almost-caught-up. But I won't.


Day 143: SanDisk 32GB CompactFlash

I never win anything. I don't think I've won anything since a baby pool in 1987. (Thanks Tori. I think it was you.) But at the PDN Photo Expo last year, I won a 32GB memory card, which is actually a really big prize! Wooohooooo!!!

I love winning things!

But I love posting things on eBay even more.

DESTINATION: eBay. Cha-ching!

Day 142: Expired Makeup

I pains me to count these as one day -- makeup is expensive when you're not looting the beauty closet at your office! Ugh.

Anyway. It's all from pre-2007. Time to let it go.


Day 141: NSFW Sticker

This sticker came as a freebie with a book called (appropriately enough) Fuck this Book. It's actually a really funny mildly amusing book -- they take these stickers and put them strategically over signs like, "No parking on off-ramp."

The book came out in 2005. I know know why I've held onto the sticker this long. I can't even find the book. But either way, it's probably best to get rid of it before Danger learns to read.


Day 140: Harajuku Box

I went to Lord & Taylor to buy the Harajuku Lovers "G" perfume, which smells like sunscreen and is pretty much the best thing ever. (While the perfume shares a name with hubby-G, which seems cute, he actually can't stand the smell of coconut and I have to secretly wear it when he's not around.)

So I went to buy it, and the woman said, "Oh, it's buy one get one free." Yes!! Then she said, "And there's a free gift with your purchase." OMG, YESSSSSS!!! She handed me this box and I thought I was getting the free set of mini-samples...turns out it was just the empty box from the mini-samples. Weird freebie. But anyway, I thought it was a cool box, and saved it to hold random junk like decks of cards, mechanical pencils, stickers, etc.

Then the boys found it, emptied it, and destroyed it.


Day 139: The Parrot

If you've been to one of our pirate parties, you've probably said horrible things to this talking parrot. He's been a fixture on our porch for about four years now, but he's getting faded and yucky, and the speaker thingy has been ruined by the elements, so now everything he says sounds like, "Blrpk kaaa."


Day 138: The Dip

For the first 10 years of our relationship, I'm pretty sure George didn't read a single book (which is kind of funny if you know me). Then one day, in 2007, he announced that he would be willing to read a new businessy-self-help book called The Dip. I ran out and bought it at Hudson News the next day.

He read it in about an hour and said, "Wow, that sucked."

All is not lost, though. Last year I finally got him to read not one, but TWO more books -- Tim Ferriss' Four-Hour Workweek and Four-Hour Body. He liked them both, mainly because they. Are. AWESOME.

DESTINATION: Book Swap Cafe.

Day 137: The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy

I got this book as a gift from one of my besties, Ween. But I'm not preggo anymore (no matter how this dress makes me look!) so I'm passing it on to the super-awesome Book Swap Cafe in Medford. (Go there! Patronize them! Keep them in business so I can keep getting half-price books!)

I did rip out the first page where Ween wrote me a sweet note, though :)

DESTINATION: Book Swap Cafe. Converted into a half-off coupon.

Day 136: Workout Tanks

I'm pretty sure these are at least five years old. They're so old the elastic is stretching out -- not exactly supportive, so for the sake of certain body parts staying in their rightful position, I'm going to go ahead and get rid of them.

DESTINATION: I think trash but they might have ended up in a Goodwill bag. I'm catching up here, and the clothing purge is kind of a blur.

Day 153: Busted Boots

Why did I prolong the agony with these boots? The heel is half detached, the fake leather is peeling off, the soles are completely worn down. The way I held onto them, you'd think they were Prada. But look at them -- they probably cost me $19 in the first place.

DESTINATION: Trash. Boots, start walkin'.

Day 134: Busted Nifty Fifty

Okay, one last piece of camera equipment. I dropped my "nifty fifty" (the super-cheap Canon 50mm f/1.8) in a parking lot in Cape May last summer and, for some reason, haven't wanted to part with it. It's been sitting on my desk for a year awaiting divine crafty inspiration. G made me an awesome cuff bracelet out of the last nifty I broke (they break at the slightest impact; hey, it's a $100 lens!) but you only need one awesome camera-lens cuff bracelet. I finally realized that maybe the best thing is to use it as a "trash can decoration" so to speak.

FYI, a lens isn't supposed to do this: