Sunday, January 1, 2012

Did I mention....

...that we're done? Because we're done. We're done!

A few things I learned this year (and then I'll have G log on and add his two cents too):

1) My cleaning method is counterproductive. It's like getting rid of rats -- I have to scare everything out into the middle of the room before I can get rid of it. You can tell I'm "cleaning" when there's a huge pile of random crap in the middle of the room. We're still getting rid of things past the 365-day mark, and you should see the floor of my office :(

2) It's easier to get rid of something when someone you know can use it. I hate generating waste or sending my stuff into the Land of Misfit Toys.

3) As we were going through the year, there were several times that we said, "Eh, we can't blog about that -- it doesn't count." (And we did throw away some stuff that we didn't photograph or blog.) But for most of those things, there was a point where we needed it enough to pay for it. I think my goal for the coming year is to really assess how much I want or need something before buying it. Do I already own something that would serve the same purpose? Am I ever going to watch that DVD? Could I borrow that book from the library, or wear a dress I already wore, or read and recycle some magazines instead of buying five more magazine files at Target?

By the way, I'm doing another project this year -- but a "52" instead. I'm reading a book a week. If you're bored and/or interested, I'm blogging about it (with less frequency but more punctuality) at my business website,

Happy 2012!

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  1. Congratulations, you did it!! I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every post! And I totally admire your determination to finish it, I would have given up months ago.