Sunday, January 1, 2012

G's Summary

Like Kara mentioned, this project is over but not. It will be a continuing project.  So what did I learn?

1. It was nice to have a commitment, but I think if we weren't blogging the results we could have gotten rid of this stuff in 3-4 batched cleaning weekends. We ended up blogging in batches anyway if you didn't notice. It sort of slowed us down. It also sucked a ton of time out of Kara's already busy schedule.
2. I HATE throwing "perfectly good" things away. I'll do anything in my power to keep them alive as long as they are cluttering somone else's house.
3. We didn't make a dent.  It still feels like we have too much stuff. My hatred of clutter is why this started, but I still feel cluttered. The key is not bringing more stuff into the house and we failed at that pretty hardcore. I collect things like tools instead of shoes which feels different, but doesn't cure the problem completely.
4. Playing a "one in/one out" game might have worked better in the end, even more-so for K.
5. People are like gold fish. We expand to fit our allotted space. The best way to not have stuff you don't need is to not have the space to store it. Just because you CAN fill two closets doesn't mean you should.
6. This is a luxury problem, and I'm thankful for the fact that I can give this many things away. While I'm helping the US economy, I think I should buy less stuff.

Hopefully we inspired some people to clean up their acts too. Maybe we should post occasionally when we get rid of any "WTF?" type items we find in the house.

Have a great year!

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