Sunday, December 25, 2011

219-221: Babyware

So, our boys still drink from bottles. They know how to drink out of sippy cups, and they know how to drink out of regular cups, but they want no part of that. (They will, however, drink out of juice boxes.) I would worry, except a) I don't see how it's much different from adults who drink out of Poland Spring water bottles when their sink works just fine, and b) I really don't care.

But someone was like, "Oh, try the Nubi. It's like a sippy-cup-bottle-hybrid!" So we did, and the boys rejected it fully. I can't blame them. It's like a more awkward version of a regular bottle.

And this non-skid plate looked awesome (since most plates turn into projectiles at some point during dinner at our house) but it turns out that a rounded orb-plate is a really awkward thing to have in your cabinet. Good luck stacking anything on this plate.


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