Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 283-286: Coats

I think we already did a coat-closet purge, but we still have way too many coats.

This one is about eight years old. A nice peacoat can totally last eight years, but this one was $34.99 at Old Navy.

This jacket is even older. G got it in eighth grade, and I think he intended to hang onto it until it was eligible for QQ plates. Oh, did I mention he's lost about a bajillion pounds since then?

An engineer worth his salt would never be deterred by a broken zipper pull! Jacket is STILL GOOD!

Again -- some pounds have been lost since G bought this trash bag.

And some damage has been done.

And one more from me -- I got this on super clearance at Pac-Sun while preggo last year because I needed a coat that would zip over my giant belly. I think it make me look like Michael Jackson. G thinks it makes me look like the Fonz. Either way, probably not a good look for me.

DESTINATION: Some trash, some in the coat-drive bag.

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