Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Day 253-254: Curtains

You know what's really expensive? Curtain panels. Every time we go shopping for curtains, it makes me mad because I know they're just panels of fabric and I know I could just make my own if I weren't lazy.

But I don't feel like making them.

But I don't feel like spending $50 on two yards of fabric, either!

This is the argument that goes on in my head whenever we shop for curtains. So the usual compromise is to buy cheap curtain panels. But when we moved here, I was like, "I don't like these curtains anymore. I want good curtains! Like an adult!" So I bought a set of good curtains for the dining room, and then a set for the living room. And then my credit card statement came in and I got mad again, and stopped buying curtains. That was five years ago and we still don't have curtains anywhere else. So, come hang out outside our kitchen windows sometime and enjoy the show! Just kidding -- don't do that.

DESTINATION: Goodwill and my niece.

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