Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 319-327: Nine Years of Penthouse

I relate pretty much everything in my life to Friends episodes, and in this case, this is totally like "The One with the Free Porn," where Joey and Chandler got free porn channels through a glitch in the system and refused to turn off their TV because they couldn't be the guys who turned off free porn.

In other words, it literally PAINED us to toss these. I'm pretty sure no one bothers to read this unless they know me pretty well, but just in case -- I worked on staff at Penthouse in 2003, which was an awesome job (and not just because of our office's proximity to Chipotle!) and I still write for them, which makes me super-happy. But I'm a nerd and save every magazine I get published in, so I had around 100 issues piled up on my shelves. It was kind of taking over my office, and with two toddlers wandering around, I figured there's no time like the present to consolidate my clips into a binder -- which took forever, but saved me a ton of space. Plus it was fun to look back at everything I've written over the years.

And I still have a fab Penthouse souvenir -- because you'll have to pry this mug, a gift from my fave former coworker, out of my hands. I've been drinking my coffee out of this for the past nine years :)

DESTINATION: The magazines are awaiting the next recycling pickup (so if you want 'em, act now).

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