Friday, January 21, 2011

Day 20: Adobo

G and I have been attempting a "real food" diet where we cook from scratch and only eat foods with ingredients we can pronounce. Not counting Mint Milano cookies, which are exempt. We're going through about two dozen eggs a week, and learning through trial and error (lots of error) how to cook dry beans.

Anyway. Tonight we made plantain burritos -- one of our favorite recipes -- but for the second time in a row, we added adobo seasoning and it ruined it. It tasted like a salt lick.

Adios, adobo. You've ruined your last meal!


And if tu tienes hambre, here's the recipe for plantain burritos. Whatever you do, don't add adobo!

* olive oil
* little bit of garlic
* thawed plantains
* black beans
* 2 T. cumin
* dash of hot sauce
* dash of black pepper
* 1 c. cheddar

Saute (is that the right word?) the plantains in the olive oil and garlic, then add everything but the cheese and heat it all up until it's mushy and delicious. Cheese goes on top. Dip in green salsa.

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