Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 3: Christmas Bows

Today would be a good day to institute a rule: If I throw something away but don't get to blog about it for a day or two, it still counts. We cleaned out our Christmas storage over the weekend, and here's the first casualty.

The backstory: G is a notorious humbug, so any holiday decorating is my responsibility. But in our first apartment, we got a notice that there would be a decorating contest and the winner would receive $200 off their next month's rent. The promise of free money turned Scrooge McDuck into Clark Griswold, and despite the fact that our exterior consisted of one sliding door and a four-foot balcony, I think we had around 800 lights up there. These bows decorated the railing.

Yes, we won.

That was nine years ago and no one has ever paid us to decorate since, they go.


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