Friday, January 14, 2011

Days 6-12: Technojunk

We've been on vacation for the past week and figured the best way to catch up on our thing-a-day project was to get rid of seven things at once. And the best way to get rid of seven things at once was to tackle our stash of "tech supplies," which is really just a box of misfit cords and wires that we could conceivably need someday, if we were to go back in time to 1998 and forget to pack our power cords.

It's like a time capsule of crap...a time crapsule.

I nominated G as the taskmaster since he's good at matching things to their purpose. He said the box of wires "expanded like a pint of lo mein," which is a pretty accurate description. Here's what got tossed.

-- one rollerball mouse
-- Walkman power supply (when was the last time I opened this box?!)
-- Nokia phone charger from my first cell 2000.
-- Lucent Technologies answering machine
-- unidentified serial-to-mini jack
-- Verizon DSL filter (haven't had DSL in five years)
-- seven phone cords in varying lengths and colors (in case we ever were to buy a phone that didn't come with a cord, I guess?)

DESTINATION: Mouse and answering machine to Goodwill, everything else to the trash can. I suppose I could've sent the Walkman charger to Kelly Kapowski, but...

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