Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 65: 35mm Color Film

A few months ago, I sold my old 35mm Rebel (my first SLR!) on eBay, along with what I thought were my last few rolls of film. But while cleaning out my closet this weekend, I found 26 more rolls. Either they're multiplying, or I need to go through the boxes in my closet more often. I'm sure it's the latter, because most of the rolls had expired in 2006.

It's actually kind of crazy how long I'll let a box sit in my closet without wondering what's inside. Out of sight, out of mind! And while going through, I rediscovered my Holga toy camera, which I actually love. That's one of my favorite parts of this project -- the more stuff we throw away, the easier it is to see the things we have that I actually love. Before, they just blended in with the noise.

DESTINATION: San Francisco, via eBay. It's crazy, but there's a market for film, even if it's expired -- it's hard to find!

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