Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 72: Disney Coke Bottle

True story, I'm a Disney freak. I have Disney pajamas, Disney jewelry, Disney scarves, Disney t-shirts, Disney gym clothes, Disney post-it notes, and Disney stickers. I even steal the Disney paint swatches from Lowe's because I like the cute mouse ears (I just discovered that my niece does the same thing). I've been to Disney World 17 times.

So, when I got this Disney 100 Years of Magic Coca-Cola bottle, I was like, "Yesssss! Add it to the Disney collection!" But I haven't taken it out of the hutch because it's a breakable thing filled with sticky liquid. And I don't actually remember where or how we acquired it -- we wouldn't have smuggled it back from Disney for the reasons mentioned above. (I once had a shampoo bottle explode in my luggage. I'm scarred for life regarding the transport of liquids.) We've been cleaning out the drinkware cabinet this week, so off it goes!

DESTINATION: Recycling. Definitely the cutest thing in the recycling bin this week.


  1. More Disney stuff? Do you even know me?

  2. There is good Disney stuff and there is useless Disney stuff...I figured this fell into the latter.

  3. Right next to Duffy...hahahaha