Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 78: My First TV

Old Faithful. This 13" TV was my first TV that I bought somewhere around...1992? It had an internal alarm that I used for years to wake me up for school. It was tuned in to MTV so that I could be up to date on the latest in Alt Rock. In high school, I made a entertainment center to hold it and all of my components. (I had a BIG stereo, thanks to my parents who bought me a new component every Christmas until it was complete) The TV still works great, and it will live on. My sister is going to add it to her travel trailer when she visits. At this point, you can barely give away a tube TV, let alone one that has a whopping 13" viewable area! We're still HDTV holdouts. Is anyone else?

DESTINATION: Krissy's trailer. Goin' mobile!

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