Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 69: Album Sample

I received a free album sample from a photography expo and...well, I didn't like it. The ordering system was a pain in the ass, and there wasn't anything exceptional about the album itself.

Normally, I would have handed this over to the bride and groom in case one of their relatives wanted it, or something like that. But here's the fun part: The album company printed fake names on one of the spreads. They decided this couple looked like a "Kelly & Mike." Good guess, but no.

DESTINATION: Trash. What a waste -- this could have been used if it weren't for the randomly assigned aliases.


  1. Funny. Mike had his friend send a styrofoam cup down with Alvin in the deep sea. it shrank and he signed it for us: To Kelly and Mike.

  2. Haha...maybe he owns an album company now!