Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Days 79-80: Vases

You might be wondering what kind of plant would fit in such a tiny vase. The answer is bamboo, the only plant we ever successfully kept alive for any extended period of time. (We've overwatered, underwatered, overgrown, overpruned, and had one traumatic experience with a plumeria tree that got infested with tiny bugs.)

But eventually, we did something wrong with the bamboo too. If I remember right, we kept it in a closed room while painting. Green thumb tip of the day: Plants don't thrive on paint fumes. We haven't found a bamboo source (our original source was the Hightstown Shop-Rite, but we've moved twice since then) so the vases are no longer needed.

By the way, George and I had very different "visions" for the photo for this post. I suggested this:

George wanted to go with this:

Not sure who wins. Maybe everyone. Maybe no one.


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