Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 88: True Religion Jeans

I got these jeans for a serious bargain when I was working at 2005. Like every pair of pants I own, they needed about six inches hemmed off the bottom. I was too lazy to get it done. Then I found a pair of Paper Denim jeans that didn't need to be hemmed, and wore them until they fell apart. Then I got pregnant, and then I got pregnant again. Then I looked in my closet last week and thought, "Holy crap, the tags are still on these jeans?" I'm living in a pair of Rock and Republics right now (jeans are my weakness...I love them) so it was easy to part with these, especially since I'm building an eBay fund to buy new camera goodies. It's really motivating me to slash-and-burn.

DESTINATION: Cali, by way of eBay. Goodbye jeans! I was really psyched about buying you. Sorry it didn't work out. Hope your new owner is really psyched too.

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