Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 38: Diaper Bags

One of my favorite parts of giving birth (besides actually getting to meet my kiddos, obviously) was all the freebies. It started when I checked in and the nurse said, "Here's your remote and keyboard. There's free wi-fi!" Then we discovered the "refreshment room," a magical little place stocked with free pudding, Saltines, graham crackers, and those little cafeteria tubs of cranberry juice. Then they handed us the room service menu and let us order as much as we wanted. YESSSSSS. At one point, I actually slipped and called it "the hotel."

And before you leave, they shower you with even more freebies, courtesy of the formula companies. Among the sweet swag were these two surprisingly-not-ugly diaper bags. One from Nestle, one from Similac. But I already have two diaper bags -- one for daily use and one for G to lug around since mine is shiny and silver and technically a purse. So I put these in the freebie section of craiglist, and two mamas are now rockin' the little black bags.

DESTINATION: 'Round here. I love craigslist's free section!

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