Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 54: Eyeglasses

I only wear glasses when I'm driving, and only at night, and only when I remember them. And sometimes at concerts. (When people I know see me in glasses they ask, "Oh, do you usually wear contacts?" and I'm like, "No, I usually squint.")

Anyway. A few years ago, G had some "use it or lose it" flex spending money, so we went out and bought ridiculously expensive frames. (His are Oliver Peoples, mine are Versace, a.k.a. ver-SASE for those of you who have seen Showgirls.) So I don't really need this pair of cheap frames from 1996. I was saving them as a backup, but my real backup is still...squinting.

DESTINATION: Goodwill. I'm hunting for a place that collects used eyeglasses, but so far the last three I've found say they're overloaded and not taking donations. I guess that's a good thing!


  1. LenCrafters has a donation program...and i think that most optomitrist offices do too (or at least my old on, Dr. Kramer, did)

  2. Thanks -- haven't brought the Goodwill bag yet, so I'll try LensCrafters!