Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 42: Ski Jacket

This ski jacket was a score for me -- it was only $14.99 on end-of-season clearance at American Eagle. I loved the bright red because it made it easier for George to find me when I was lagging 400 feet behind him on the mountain. (I'm a very careful skier.)

My "ski pants" of choice were jeans over leggings, which is not the most waterproof option. And suffice to say my skill level necessitates waterproof pants. So I finally decided to invest in some real ski pants a few years ago, and while shopping for those, I found a matching ski jacket that was warm and cute (remember my jacket problem?).

So, I haven't worn this one since I bought the new one. Check out the ski tag to see how long it's been sitting in my closet.


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