Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 56: Monogrammed Soaps

These were a gift from our friend Christina, and we loved them. But we probably loved them a little too much, because we refused to use them. We've been saving them for a special occasion, like, "No, let's keep using the Dial and save these for something fancy!" But the chances of us having any sort of special hand-washing occasion are slim. So, heads up, friends -- if you want to enjoy the "good soaps," you'd better visit soon, because they're officially in rotation.

Oh, and since the soap usage is kind of an ongoing thing, the official "toss" is the pretty box, which we donated to G's mom. You can't see the front, but it has a cute "W" emblem on it.

DESTINATION: Soap goes in the soapdish, box goes to G's mom.

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