Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 39: Floor Lamp

I was swamped with work yesterday, so I asked G to post this one. He said, "No, because I don't support it." I guess he wasn't joking. So, I'm catching up today.

I got this floor lamp at our bridal shower six years ago. We picked it out, so obviously we liked it. But there's one hitch: the burgundy lampshade is like a blackout curtain. It didn't matter in our previous house, because we had recessed lighting and the lamp was just there to look good. But in our current house, it barely lit the room. It was mood lighting. My mom bought us a table lamp, so I put this on craigslist. Our floor space is cluttered and we're planning to rearrange the entire living room anyway, so....

...George fully disagrees. It's a "perfectly good lamp." And he's right. Maybe I was wrong when I guessed that our first difficult disposal wouldn't be until July!

DESTINATION: Marlton by way of craigslist.

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